2022 - Reflections on 2022

Christmas weekend opened with a blizzard here in Indiana. Not how I expected this year to be ending nor what I dream of when I wish for a white Christmas. Last year I pondered thereafter with all the change that occurred in our lives. This year, the word that comes to mind is …

  • rhythm

So much change in our lives last year that this year has been focused on finding new rhythms.

For the first time since my back surgery and the COVID pandemic began, we returned to traveling late in 2021 and multiple trips this year for work and pleasure. But travel is no longer like we did in the past. We could pack up a few things, jump in the van, and go. Now we have a power wheelchair, a handicap accessible van, and a patient lift among many other accessibility items we need when we travel. Traveling as a caregiver now takes an entirely new rhythm. I spend much more time preparing before we even leave on a trip. And each overnight stay requires significantly more effort to settle in for the night and to leave the next morning. After four extended trips away from home, I feel we are starting to find our road trip rhythm.

Since August of last year, I work from home full time and neither of our daughters live at home now. That has taken some getting used to for both Angie and I. The house is much quieter but there also less people to assist with the chores and maintenance. And I am home all day which has benefits and challenges for Angie. She and I have had to find new daily and weekly rhythms as we balance work, caregiving, marriage, home life, family life, and hobbies. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, yardwork, bills, and more all still need to be done and I am the only once who can manage most of those. Angie assist where she can and I have found almost found a weekly rhythm I like that balances work and chores along with giving me free time to spend with Angie, my friends, and on my hobbies. Our daughters have also had to find their rhythms as adults on their own in the world and when to visit the parents.

Sadly, my creativity continues to take a back burner at times as I focused on the new job, caregiving while working from home, and family changes. My gaming groups are starting to develop a more regular schedule, as well as any gaming group does. But my writing, crafting, and art suffered for much of 2022, but that is slowly changing. As Angie and I have found life and work rhythms, we have prioritized setting aside time for my hobbies again. Hopefully over the winter, I can get back into my writing, painting miniatures, and general crafting.

Thanks for being a part of my ongoing creative journey. I have enjoyed your comments and questions throughout the year. What new things, changes, or challenges are to come in 2023 I do not know, but I do know my friends, family, and readers are here with me on the journey.

Reflections on 2022

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