Recently, RPGGeek admins helped me set up my RPGDesigner Page and link to all the published RPGs I have worked on as a freelancer. I was so appreciative of them taking the time to set this up properly. Some of the games I had worked on were incorrectly linked to another person with a name similar to mine, so I wasn’t receiving credit for my freelance work in the RPG industry. Now that it is cleaned up, you can check out my RPGDesigner Page. Go under Linked Items, and you can see the one RPG (so far) for which I have writer credit. While under Linked Items, choose Relationship: Producer and you will find all the RPGs I have worked on as an editor, proofreader, or indexer. I wish BoardGameGeek also provided Production Staff with credit on Board Games, because editors, graphic artists, and translators are doing some amazing work on board and card games these days.

As a freelancer, recognition builds relationships and reputation. I have written before about how Credits help us appreciate everyone involved in game publishing. Those rare times that I have incorrectly not received credit or my name was listed incorrectly are very frustrating. When the credit is missing or incorrect, publishers and designers reading the game manual or rpg book who could be potential employers will not be aware of your involvement. If they are impressed with the work on the game, they will not know to reach out to you for future projects. Personally, I have been contacted numerous times for possible freelance work based on publishers and game designers seeing my name in the credits of a game they are impressed with. I have even received some fan mail from players based on seeing my credit in a rulebook and sending me a thank you for making it easy to read and learn. And I am sure you all agree, having your mom see your name in a book or game then smile at you with pride just makes you feel happy all over.

For those of you working on games and rpgs, what has been your experience with your name in the credits and receiving recognition for your work in the game industry?

Recognition For Our Game Industry Work

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