Quite a few people have asked me recently how I keep up with game industry news and information.

Besides following my favorite game publishers on Twitter and Facebook for their specific news, there are quite a few very informative websites with RSS feeds devoted to general game industry news. Personally, I use Feedly as my RSS reader on my laptop, tablet and phone.

General Game News and Announcements RSS Feeds:

I follow a number of individuals and groups on Twitter who post game industry news, releases and reviews.


I am also very interested in how the game industry works including game design, marketing, funding, and business practices.

Game Industry & Kickstarter Information and Insights:

  • Board Game University – http://boardgameuniversity.libsyn.com/
  • Funding the Dream – Richard Bliss – http://richardabliss.com/podcast/
  • Impressions Vidcast – http://www.impressionsadv.net/index.php
  • James Mathe – Entrepreneur, Designer, Publisher – http://www.jamesmathe.com/
  • Jamey Stegmaier Blog – http://stonemaiergames.com/blog/
  • League of Game Makers – http://www.leagueofgamemakers.com/

Those are the highlights of what I find informative and educational on a daily and weekly basis. What other websites or Twitter feeds do you highly recommend for general gaming news and game industry insights?

Q&A: Where Do I Get My Game Industry News?

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