I have had numerous questions recently regarding what games am I playing. And a follow-up to that questions is often, “Do you play the games you work on as a freelancer?”

“Play more games!” – Will Wheaton, TableTop

As gamers, I think we are always curious about what games others are enjoying. Perhaps we will learn about a game that would interest us to play as well. I follow quite a few game reviewers to keep current on game industry news and because I, too, enjoy hearing what other games people play.  As I am not a game reviewer, I am not one to post all my game playing to my blog, nor do I rate games or list plays on my BGG account. I do post the occasional great “thrift sifting” find on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Or I will post on my social networks some pics of a board gaming event or time with my family that is unique, like a holiday game or party. What really intrigues me to discuss is that second question.

Do you play the games you work on as a freelancer?

To be honest, I wish I could play all the games I have worked on as a freelancer but there just isn’t enough time. I think you would hear a similar response from many other freelancers. I have been blessed to work on some great projects that have places of honor on my shelf. But, like many part-time freelancers, I have sacrificed much of my potential gaming time to be able to work on the games  I love. I consider the freelancing work as enjoyable as playing the games I am helping create. As a proofreader and editor, I get to read over and over the text of the source books and manuals, which leads to really knowing the world and system. So, those rare times I do get to play a game I have worked on as a freelancer, it really feels like a game I have played for years, even if it is the first time.

There is also the question of my gaming group’s interest in games I have worked on. I am proud of all the games I have worked on, but not all of them are themes or game systems my gaming group or family enjoy. So as much as I have enjoyed working on the games, I do not always have the players available or interested in those games. When I do have the interest, it is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and joy to play a game I helped create.

If you are a fellow freelancer with a diverse portfolio, do you find time to play every game you help create?

Q&A: Do You Play The Games You Work On As A Freelancer?

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