This weekend is Father’s Day in the U.S. and many other countries around the world as well. The holiday has a varied history and origin throughout the world, but its focus globally is the honoring of fatherhood. For many, this is a very joyous time of celebration with parents or with your own children. For others, including myself, this holiday can be difficult emotionally.

This year will be a mixed time for me. My father passed away four years ago this July, so I will be remembering him in my thoughts and prayers. Last year at this time, my mom and step-dad were in a very bad accident, which really made me reflect on how precious family is to me. My twin daughters are away at a summer academic honors program, so we celebrated together last weekend. I will miss them this weekend and definitely will be thinking of them, and how blessed I am to be their daddy. This weekend I will spend some time celebrating with my step-dad, mom and my wife. We will reflect and celebrate on our lives together.

If you have the opportunity this weekend, spend some time honoring your father and/or spending time with your own children. Family is very precious. Share your hobbies together. Perhaps even play a game or two.

Happy Father’s Day!

Personal Note – Happy Father’s Day

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