As I close out my March posts regarding Indiana Disability Awareness Month and the related Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, I want to recommend a book that my friend Bill Bricker (Director of Art & Marketing at Stronghold Games) suggested to me. After working with Bill on many projects, I learned his sister has Multiple Sclerosis and edited a horror anthology (Fight the MonSter – Find A Cure For MS) to help fund research into a cure for MS. Jodi states it well in the Preface, “The Horror genre we have chosen for this anthology is more often associated with inescapable situations, blood, and gore, then with hope; however, hopes is what the 23 million people affected by multiple sclerosis, including myself, need the most. Hope that today will be another day in remission, hope that better treatments will be found to deal with the symptoms, and most importantly, hope for a cure.

So, if you enjoy a good scare and you want to support the search for a cure or multiple sclerosis, please consider purchasing this book. Proceeds from the sale of this book support finding a cure for MS. From the back cover of the book.

A ruthless killer shows a real hunger for fame. Struggling through the wilderness, an infected man tries to lead zombies away from his family. Hell hath no fury like a woman murdered. Civil war soldiers discover the secrets of a Southern swamp. Can Christmas magic survive the zombie Apocalypse? A ship of the dead hunts the living on the high seas. Dinner in a diner takes on divine import. A 200 year old vampire has a little surprise waiting for his next victim. A search for treasure makes for a really long night. A fighter pilot is shot down over very unfriendly territory. A young man makes a tempting discovery that changes everything. A little boy tries to save his dog and the unbelievable happens. Viking warriors are shipwrecked on a not so deserted island. A workman in 19th century England gets seriously steamed. Co-workers develop an unhealthy long-term relationship. A family goes shopping for a new pet.
These fifteen short tales of terror were contributed by eight different authors in order to Fight the Monster that is Multiple Sclerosis. Proceeds from the sale of this book support finding a cure for MS.

Fifteen Minutes by Lonnie Bricker
Unintended Consequences by Heath Stallcup
The Truth About Daniel by Karen E Taylor
Haunted Swamp by by Doug Dandridge
Yes, Rindy, There Is a Santa Clause by by TW Brown
Wave, Wind and Blade by by Jason Kristopher
Gansters by by Heath Stallcup
Little Bite by by TW Brown
Long Night by by Jodi Bricker
Blood and Sand by by Jason Kristopher
Sphere of Jacob by by Health Stallcup
Please Don’t Die by by Lonnie Bricker
Midnight Sun by Doug Dandridge
The Art of Steaming by Jason Kristopher
The Tragic Tale of Chris and Ernie by TW Brown
Zombie Store by Ben Kraus (less)

Thanks for following along this month as I shared how disability awareness is so important to my family and me.

On My Shelf: Fight the MonSter – Find A Cure For MS

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