2020 - New blog New focus

Ever since my freelancing hiatus began, and the parallel events of my back surgery recovery and this pandemic, I have been pondering and praying about what I want to do next creatively. Having down time from freelancing provided me time to clear my head and consider things. Part of those musings has been what to do with this blog. As I am doing less tabletop game industry freelancing these days and leaning toward other personal and creative projects, a blog focused on freelancing did not feel right going forward. I considered that off and on, but just kept putting that significant of a change and work aside. Basically, I ignored it and just kept writing what I wanted, ignoring the format and purpose of my blog.

Well, life has a habit of helping make decisions for you. My hosting provider for http://www.freelanceknight.com is shutting down as of December 8th, so a decision had to be made. What do I do now? First, I am so thankful for the years a friend has hosted my site on his servers. He has quietly provided me a creative outlet to explore my tabletop game freelancing then grow into exploring more who I am personally along the way. Second, I had to decide -do I keep blogging? If tabletop game freelancing is not my focus going forward, then what do I want to write about and explore creatively? Do I really want to go through all the work to build a new blog? Do I just move it all to a new location and stay the same? Do I start over with a new blog?

After a few days of pondering and prayers once I heard about my host discontinuing, I decided I enjoy the creative outlet of blogging and want to share more aspects of my life and creative pursuits. Thus, a new website and blog have been set up at https://www.thomasrknight.com. Over the next month, I will be redirecting all my social media and contact info to this new blog as well as posting new content there weekly. The majority of my previous content has been migrated over (with some lost text and images I may or may not be able to recover) and been much better organized than my freelance knight blog. I have even set up the new site so you can follow specific areas of interest. So, if you are only interested in my tabletop game industry work, you can follow that or even set up an RSS feed for that specific category of posts.

For those that have been following me for years, thanks for your support and encouragement. You can continue follow me at https://www.thomasrknight.com. For those just now finding me at the new site, I look forward to getting to know you in the comments and other conversations.

NOTE: Sometime later this month, I will redirect http://www.freelanceknight.com to the new site at https://www.thomasrknight.com.

New blog. New focus.

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