2020 - Pandemic Inspired Gaming

Now that my state of Indiana, and many others, are beginning the process of opening back up from social distancing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, I am starting to get excited to be back with people again in the coming months (perhaps). And being back with people means I can game face-to-face again! Gaming is social to me. Online gaming has worked during this social distancing time, but it has not replaced my desire to sit around a table with family and friends, enjoying their company, eating shared snacks, and playing a game. Five games have instantly come to mind that I can’t wait to play once I can be around groups of people again.


My extended family really enjoys playing Diamonds. We enjoy trick taking games like Euchre, so Diamonds was a quick hit with my family. If Diamonds is on the table, then that means my family has gathered, which I am so looking forward to.

D&D 5e covers

Soon as we can, my weekly and monthly gaming groups are ready to resume our face-to-face D&D 5e campaigns. We have be playing via Roll20 and Zoom/Hangouts as a stop gap, but we really miss hanging out together, sharing a meal, and talking more than we game, to be honest. Game nights are my most social times, and I have missed them so much during this pandemic.

Betrayal Legacy game cover

Legacy and campaign games have become our go-to for my weekly gaming group. We normally play one in alternating weeks with our roleplaying campaign. Currently we are playing through Betrayal Legacy and were nearing the end of the story when suddenly we had to separate. We all are desperate to get back to the game and see where the story leads our families.

Codenames game cover

If I can play Codenames again, then that means large groups of friends and family are enjoying each other’s company. Love how this game can pull together large groups of all ages to play. This gets pulled out to be played at large family gatherings, community game nights, class game nights, and random gatherings of friends at our house. Oh I miss all the voices debating the correct clues then the groans and laughter when they are incorrect.

Gaslands Refueled Cover

A hobby I was JUST getting ready to release on my friends and local gamers was Gaslands. I look forward to this attracting even non-gamers who are fascinated by the modified vehicles, the terrain, and the simple-to-play rules. If Gaslands makes it to the table with random people playing, then I will know the pandemic has truly moved on and we are free to be social with all gamers again.

What games are you yearning to play again, once your friends and family can get back together in person?

My #Top5PostPandemicGames

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