Autumn Leaves in Indiana

While working in my garden this week, I felt the early chill air of the coming Autumn. Fall officially starts next week and is my favorite time of the year…the crisp air, jeans and flannels, trees changing colors, the smell of fire pits and fireplaces, wrapping up in blankets, fresh apples, pumpkin pie, football, and more. I thought about what games really made me think about and visualize Autumn, which leads to my #Top5AutumnGames. I enjoy playing these games and they reflect many of my favorite aspects of Autumn.

1st & Goal/1st & Roll

1st and Goal game cover
1st and roll game cover

Fall and Football go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, they do in my world. My life is so busy I don’t watch as much football as I used to, but I still really enjoy it. From growing up playing pee wee football, then Marching/Pep Band in high school, to watching football as a fan…Autumn has meant football through most of my life. I am starting to like the simpler 1st & Roll more than 1st & Goal these days, but both are amazing games.

Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game

Bob Ross Art of Chill game cover

So many of Bob Ross‘s paintings are of Autumn forests and snow capped mountains, with happy little trees blazing with fall colors. Bob Ross: Art of Chill is so chill you can’t help but have a fun time playing it with friends and family. I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS and now can enjoy painting along with him during the game and listening to his philosophical ramblings. Listening to Bob Ross is relaxing just like Autumn makes me feel.

Indian Summer

Indian Summer game cover

I was introduced to this game when I worked on it as an editor for Stronghold Games, and I listed other games in the series in my Springtime Games list: Cottage Garden and Spring Meadow. I really enjoy the puzzle-like gameplay that Uwe Rosenberg has in this series of games, and the Autumn theme of Indian Summer is beautiful. The fall leaves scattered on your player board reflect the fields around my home in Fall.


Photosynthesis Box Cover

This is a repeat from my #Top5SpringtimeGames. Just as new growth fascinates me in the spring, trees slowly going to sleep for the winter is amazing and beautiful. The visuals of this game grabbed my attention quickly. as it shows the life cycle of a tree so wonderfully. The gameplay is quite challenging, as you have to visualize your strategies from various angles over time. This game has an amazing table presence as well.

Quilt Show

Quilt Show game cover

Who doesn’t love to wrap up in a blanket or quilt during Autumn, drinking some hot beverage, and reading a book? My wife and I stumbled upon this game in the Rio Grade Games room at Gen Con and fell in love with it. Quilt Show has mechanics similar to Ticket to Ride, but a bit simpler and with a theme we really enjoy. You can make your own quilts and compete at the local fair.

What games make you think of Autumn the most?

My #Top5AutumnGames

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