2020 - My New Role At Taylor University

If you have been following this blog awhile, you know that I have a full time career at Taylor University, where I have served over twenty three years. My freelancing and adjunct teaching are passionate side jobs. Back in December, I mentioned my role at Taylor University was in transition. Late Friday, that transition was officially announced to the campus. After some internal reorganization, my new title is Director of Academic Technology and User Services. I have picked up additional point of services functions within the IT Department, and am looking forward to the challenges of my expanded role.

This transition, along with my recovery and changes in my freelancing, lead to this freelancing hiatus I have been taking. So what does this new role really entail? I will be providing leadership beyond instructional technology, learning management systems, active learning spaces, computer labs, and faculty technology support, to now also include Help Desk functions, VIP Support, keycard support, emergency notification, print management, and general information technology support for the university. I will also continue collaborating with the CIO and other university leadership on information security. A simple way to view my new role is I am overseeing all the service aspects of information technology at Taylor University. My team size and responsibilities have increased dramatically as have my visibility to the university and our guests. I am enjoying the new role and the new challenges it brings.

As I have mentioned here before, my primary love language is Acts of Service which fits well with my caregiving, working in the service side of information technology, and freelance editing. I love helping others succeed in their goals. This new role will challenge me, but it will also give me many new opportunities to serve others.

Have any major changes happened in your career recently? I would love to hear about them.

My New Role At Taylor University

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