2020 - My interests at Gen Con Online 2020

My favorite aspect of Gen Con is the relationships. which made the online conference more difficult for me to engage in. Plus, we are experiencing quite a bit of video conferencing fatigue with so many classes, meetings, workshops, family time, gaming, and such via web cams and phone video. That said, we still wanted to experience Gen Con, and there were some workshops that interested my wife and me.

Angie’s favorite experience was the Looney Labs AMA. If you have followed this blog, you will know my family love Fluxx, especially my wife. We make a point each year of seeking out the Looney Labs booth and trying to find some time to talk to Andy or Kristin Looney. She enjoyed this time to interact with the Looneys, to talk with other fans, and to learn about upcoming games.

For me, the ENnie Awards were the best experience. I wish I could have been in person, but I still loved being able to celebrate with the other creators as they won awards and talk to fans attending the Twitch stream. Then the moment came for them to announce the Judges’ Spotlight Award for Refractions of Glasston, I was so excited and nervous. I am still in awe with what the students and I pulled off in a single semester and really look forward to teaching this course again. A few of the students and some of my friends were online as well to celebrate together. I am so proud of these students and what they accomplished. You can watch our video acceptance at this link.

ENnie Awards announcing Judges' Spotlight Award for Refractions of Glasston
The Judges’ Spotlight Award for Refractions of Glasston being announced live at the ENnies.
ENnie Awards Judge Christopher Gath discussing Refractions of Glasston
ENnies’ Judge Christopher Gath explaining why he chose Refractions of Glasston
Taylor students accepting ENnie for Refractions of Glasston
Our acceptance speech for the ENnie. Felt weird watching ourselves during the stream.
The ENnies medals we won.
The ENnies medals for everyone involved in the Refractions of Glasston project.

Did you attend Gen Con Online? If so, what were your Gen Con 2020 highlights?

My Gen Con “Online” 2020

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