Modiphius Booth 2737 (Just above the Pokemon booth and below the Entrepreneur’s Avenue)

Gen Con is nearly upon us, and I have so much to do and see! Such a wonderful convention, and I hope to see many of you there. This year I am again managing the Modiphius booth (#2737), so you will see me around the booth quite a bit, even when not officially scheduled to work. You will also find me meeting with other publishers and designers at their booths, discussing freelance opportunities. If you are a publisher or designer and would like to meet, please contact me and I will schedule a time with you.

My twin daughters will be joining me again this year and assisting in the booth. They are as excited as I am to catch up with friends, play some games, do some crafting, and meet new people. My wife will wonderfully be joining us Tuesday to Friday, then she is heading home to attend a local Professional Writing Conference. She will be blogging about convention accessibility as she experiences her first opening days of Gen Con.

If you are looking to find me at Gen Con this year, here is my schedule, or you can contact me to set up a meeting time.

– Setting up Modiphius Booth (2737)

– Setting up Modiphius Booth (2737)
– The Diana Jones Award Party

– Modiphius Booth – 3 to 6 pm
– Through The Portal  2016 (Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A) – 7 to 8:30 pm

– Modiphius Booth – 3 to 6 pm
– The ENnies (Union Station : Grand Hall) – 7 to 11 pm

– Creature Concept, Drawing & Coloring with Terryl Whitlatch (Embassy Suites : Ambassador 1) – 10 to 11:30 am
– Modiphius Booth – 3 to 6 pm

– Christian Worship Service (Westin : Capitol II) – 9 to 10 am
– Modiphius Booth (2737) – 2 pm through booth tear down

Other than those definite work hours and scheduled events, my family and I will be attending quite a few game demos, workshops, seminars and meeting friends coming in for the convention. I would love to meet some of you for a meal or a drink. Just let me know when you are available.

See you at Gen Con!

My Gen Con 2016 Schedule

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