Gen Con 2019 is just around the corner. Once again, my family will be attending with me, and I am so excited. Each year at Gen Con, I not only look forward to new games to add to my collection, but also to seeing others enjoying games that I helped produce.

If you are interested in seeing some of the games I helped with, you can find them throughout the exhibit hall. Here are some I have heard could be at Gen Con this year.


Tabletop Games:

This year, we will be attending Trade Day on Wednesday for our first time. My daughters are both secondary education majors in college, one wants to be a school librarian, and I teach Game Studies and Game Writing & Editing courses at Taylor University. So we are very interested in checking out the games in education sessions at Trade Day this year. My wife and I will be attending the The “Rock & Roll & Write” Launch Party Thursday evening as guests of Stronghold Games. It has been an amazing year working with Stronghold Games and Indie Game Studios, and I can’t wait for others to enjoy the games I have been working on.

For those readers who are curious what games and other things interest me and my family, here is our “To Check Out At Gen Con” list for 2019 (not including games I worked on listed above). First thing we will be checking out is the CoolStuffInc booths, like we do every year, to see if we can find any incredible deals on scratch and dent games on our wish list. Then, when we are not working the booth, attending sessions, or gaming, we will be wandering the Exhibit Hall, checking out and demoing these games, or I might be attending a quick meeting about upcoming projects. I wonder what games will make it home with us this year? What ones we don’t even know about yet that will grab our attention?

As you look at games this year, pause for a moment and think of everyone involved in creating these wonderful games we get to play. As a freelancer in the industry, I have so much appreciation for all that goes into producing and publishing these games. If you have a spare moment during the convention, flip open the RPG or game manual you have purchased recently to the credits pages and appreciate the names listed there.

So excited that Gen Con 2019 is almost here! This year, my daughters and I will be setting up and demoing games in the Stronghold Games booth (#1919) each day (2 pm to Exhibit Hall close) and tearing down the booth on Sunday. So you will be able to find my family and I at the booth, wandering the halls, or around downtown Indy. Perhaps we will see each other face-to-face during Gen Con. My family and I would love to chat with you.

My Games And Interests At Gen Con 2019

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