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Curious to know more about my work with SIL? Along with my duties leading the Bible Translation Software area, the Talent Acquisition team also reports to me. That team just published and printed an updated brochure that we will be using for recruiting and mobilization events, to share with churches, and for partnership development. The printed brochure opens up to be a small poster that can be posted on a bulletin board or wall. It has been a joy working with the team, designing and printing this new brochure, designing and building new table displays, and planning our schedule for career and missions fairs in 2023 and 2024.

I am excited to be attending Taylor University’s Internship and Career Fair later this month. Being back on campus as a recruiter for SIL is an interesting new relationship with Taylor for me. That makes me a step-child of an alumni, an alumni, a parent of alumni, spouse to an alumni, former staff member, adjunct faculty, loyal servant, and now recruiter to Taylor University. Hmm, you would think I have some loyalty to Taylor University.

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