When I started the Game Credits Who’s Who (#GameCreditsWW) series, I was not sure how game professionals would respond or how you the readers would react. Looking back at the ten I have posted so far, I am thrilled and honored.

  1. Lynne Hardy – Writer
  2. Bill Bricker – Tabletop Game Artist
  3. Stephen Buonocore – Tabletop Publisher
  4. Dim Martin – RPG Artist
  5. Alyssa Faden – Cartographer
  6. Lance Hill – Tabletop Game Designer
  7. Michal Cross – Graphic Designer
  8. Aldo Ghiozzi – Game Distribution Services
  9. David Miller – Maker Style Game Designer And Publisher
  10. Mischa Thomas – RPG Line Manager and Art Director

Those first ten are a mix of friends I have made as a freelancer and previously unknown professionals I reached out to. The response from each and every person has been wonderful. The game industry is made up of some of the most amazing, creative, and friendly people. My goal when I started was to introduce you to the people behind the scenes of your favorite games. This series has become so much more.

Personally, I have been blessed to be introduced to some amazing new people and learned so much more about the gaming industry than I had known previously. Based on feedback I have received from all of you, this series has not only informed you about how the game industry works, but also introduced you to some amazing, creative projects you had not heard about before, being worked on by talented people you are now following. I am so thankful for the generosity of the people who have participated in the series so far, and to the readers who have sent me suggestions of people they would like to learn more about.

Please, keep posting comments, sending me emails, and private messaging on social networks with your requests for interviews. I have quite a few more lined up for the coming weeks. I think you are really going to enjoy them!

#GameCreditsWW – Ten Up, More To Come

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