As of this week, I am officially back to freelancing, proofreading sections of Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game for Red Scar Publishing. It has been so long, I had forgotten how much I enjoy proofreading RPGs. The meticulous nature of the work I find relaxing and easy to get into the zone working on it. Plus, the work is rewarding, knowing I am helping an amazing creative team publish an even better product. Once I finish proofreading the entire core book, I will be working on the index as well. I often hear from other freelancers and publishers how much they dislike working on indexes, but again, I find them a welcome challenge. Developing a comprehensive word list then identifying all the page number references and determining the most relevant is like spending hours on a difficult puzzle but with so much creative outlet.

In this time of stress from COVID-19, requiring me to spend WAY more time sitting at home, doing freelance work is a welcome change of pace. Yeah, it does mean I am spending some additional time in front of a monitor, which I have to balance by finding other ways to be away. Recently, instead of watching TV or movies, my wife and I have been listening to audiobooks together. Plus, I do some of my proofreading away from the computer as I will sometimes print out section to be able to mark them up physically or I will close my eyes and mull over sections I just read considering how I would rework them. This screen time has purpose and pays, so it takes precedence over other options.

How are you continuing to manage the pandemic? Are there projects, work or personal, that you find challenging but relaxing? Are there any that have surprised you in how much they are helping you surived the stresses of COVID-19?

Feels good to be freelancing again

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