May 2015 marks the sixth month of this blog. Wow! When I started this blog, I did not know what to expect or where the writing would lead me. I have learned so much about myself as I mull over what to write twice a week. Thanks so much for following along, listening to my musings, and providing feedback. I have really appreciated your emails, comments and posts on social media.

Along the way, I have also learned a lot about blogging, and many of you have provided some amazing feedback. Based on your feedback, I have devoted time this week into making improvements to the blog to make it even better as it moves forward. You should see some significant visual changes to the layout of the blog, and I have done quite a bit of invisible work underneath, making the blog run more smoothly and managing spam better. What do you think of the visible changes?

Let’s end this second half of my first year of blogging with some great discussion. Over these next six months, what topics would you be of special interest to you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or if you prefer to make your request more privately, feel free to use this contact form.

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Feedback And Improvements

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