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This month has really made me ponder my different perspectives of the world and how small things can adjust that perspective. Have you experienced that?

My most recent change in perspective comes from getting used to my new glasses. I have progressive lenses. and each time I get a new pair of glasses it becomes a change in perspective. The reader, mid-distance, and far-distance areas of the lenses change so I have to get used to how to see at various distances. And this pair of glasses has new digital RX lenses designed specifically for online workers who stare at monitors all day, which also has added some unique new elements to get used to. including rearranging my desk to change distances from me to my monitors. I am looking at the world differently through these new glasses.

A couple weeks ago I paid to have drone pictures of my home by The Drone Guy. I wanted to have an aerial view of my house and landscape. Amazing how different your home and garden look from a couple hundred feet in the air. From this new perspective, I could see things I normally cannot from the ground, especially on my room. Top down is definitely different than face forward viewing. I am looking at my home differently through these pictures.

Last week, I attended a summit for work that included Inter-Cultural Agility keynotes by Knowledgeworkx. These sessions helped us focus on how we view cultures through different views (Power, Rules, and Relationships) and how to adjust our perspective to understand other views. We each have our own cultures from our family and work, from where we grew up, from the groups we associate with, from our experiences in life, and more. I am looking at my cultures and your cultures differently through better understanding of the various views.

How about you? What has changed your perspective recently?

Different Perspectives

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