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As we close out Disability Awareness Month 2020, you may not realize how many people enjoy the gaming hobby and have disability-related challenges. As a caregiver, I experience it and am sensitive to the need for accessible games. So, if you have family or friends with challenges, are a game designer developing new games, a publisher looking at games to possibly release, a reviewer of tabletop games, or a crafter who offers accessible accessories and furnishings for games, then here are some individuals and companies to help you learn more about accessibility and gaming. I hope these sources of accessibility and gaming might help you find or create products that are more accessible and thus available for more people to enjoy.

64oz Games
We make strategy games blind accessible with our kits.
Website Facebook Twitter
Accessibility Kits and Braille Dice

Dibs on Blue
A channel dedicated to accommodating ASL users in the board gaming community! Tutorials, playthroughs, and episodes for ASL teachers!
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DOTS RPG Project
Kicking open the doors of roleplaying games for the visually impaired!
Website Facebook Twitter

Ian Hamilton
Accessibility specialist, helping studios avoid excluding gamers with disabilities
Game Accessibility Guidelines

Erin Hawley – The Geeky Gimp
Disabled latina writer, podcaster at #GeekGirlRiot, tabletop/video game enthusiast, #comics fan, & watcher of hockey.
Blog Facebook Twitter
Six Board Game Accessibility Fails and How to Hack Them (Part 1 | Part 2)
Accessibility in Game Design – Guest Post by Erin Hawley

Jacob Wood
Our primary objective is to bring the joy of gaming to everyone, including (and especially) to people with disabilities.
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What Does Accessibility Mean to You?

Meeple Like Us
Board-game reviews with an accessibility focus. Persistently controversial. The bad boy of board games. Bad to the board.
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Accessibility Teardowns
Meeple Like Us Master Accessibility List

Watch It Played with ASL
On our channel we’ll now periodically re-release previous videos that will now include ASL assisted picture-in-picture aids! These are being created in partnership with Stephanie from Dibs on Blue.
Facebook Twitter Youtube Youtube ASL Search

Wheelchair Charioteer
So what is a Wheelchair Charioteer? It is someone with such great heart they willingly offer themselves as a guide and servant to a friend or family member in a wheelchair who desires to enjoy a convention or event. This is a small ministry I perform at gaming events I attend.

What other individuals or companies do you recommend that support accessibility in gaming? What questions do you have about accessibility and gaming? Please comment below, and let’s discuss this topic.

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