Thorns on a rose

As part of a devotional and worship time recently, we were challenged to write our own lament in the format similar to the Psalms. I thought I would share from my heart without any further edits…

A Gardener’s Lament

Father God, I am struggling, and at times in despair for my garden.
Why have you afflicted my rose with such a thorn?
Why have you withered the flower that bloomed with such a beauty?
Why have you harassed the garden with locusts?
You, the creator of the first garden, know the pain of pruning produces more fruit.
While others only see the cuttings, you see the new growth.
You have strengthened the plants and the gardener.
I praise you in our suffering, as I know the garden blossoms in new ways.
Thank you Father and First Gardener.

– T.R. Knight

A Gardener’s Lament

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