Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
Fred Hicks and Rob Donoghue
Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford

While each of those individuals has done great work in the game industry, as team-ups they have had amazing success and impacted the hobby significantly. What these team-ups gained was synergy. Their long-term creative and business relationships lead to amazing games many of us enjoy.

synergy [sin-er-jee]
nound – The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements

As freelancers, we often tend to run solo on multiple projects with numerous publishers. At times, we can build a relationship with a publisher and work on multiple projects in the same line. Even better, we can be blessed to find a writer, editor, or artist that we consistently work with. Over time, that consistency can lead to a synergy. You trust each other, develop a rhythm in your requirements, begin to challenge each other to be better, and you enhance each other’s creativity.

I just completed my tenth proofreading project (Shadows of Atlantis) working with Lynne Hardy as the writer and/or editor. When we began working together, it took us a while to understand each other’s standards, communication styles, and priorities. Now, after ten projects, I can read the text of our joint projects and know her preferred writing style and quickly know what edits she prefers. We still have differences on a project, but they now lead to respectful discussions which set standards for the next project. I feel that each project we work on together makes us stronger , increasing the quality of work that we do as a team. I don’t expect, as a freelance proofreader, for my name to remembered along side Lynne’s like the great game industry team-ups I mentioned earlier. But I greatly appreciate that we work well together, and our synergy creates amazing books.

I look forward to each project I have an opportunity to work on with Lynne. As a freelancer, have you found someone in the game industry that you feel synergy with when you work with them? Is there someone you always enjoy working with on projects?

Synergy – Teaming Up For Greater Growth And Impact

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