This week, I was asked to be on the InnRoads RPG Jam Session Ep 15 (Improv). I am still getting the hang of being on camera talking about games, so forgive me if I seemed nervous on this video. I loosened up as it went along. I am passionate about the topic of storytelling and being a game master, so I had plenty to discuss once I relaxed a little.

On tonight’s episode Jeff welcomes T.R. Knight to the show as the discussion of Improvisation hits the mics. We review some of the tried and true tricks we’ve used in the past and express our wisest bit of advice yet: Don’t Panic!

What is interesting is that I find I can teach a class of students, speak to an auditorium of people, or give a lesson in church and not feel nervous. Public speaking in front of groups of people does not bother me, especially when I know the topic well. But turn a camera on in front of me and I struggle. I think it is the issue of being in a room alone without others to interact with. That said, I can do a podcast very comfortably, just talking with there others on the mic. Something about a camera pointed at me makes me uncomfortable, and I need to figure out how to get over that.

The more freelancing work I do and the gaming classes I am teaching have begun to bring in more requests for interviews. I have others coming up soon, so I need to learn to be more comfortable doing them. If you have any pointers for being more comfortable and natural on camera, I would love to hear them.

Side Project: InnRoads RPG Jam Session Ep 15 (Improv)

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