A little of the behind the scenes of Chasing the Dragon Episode 6 from my daughter’s perspective.

This week I had a fun time talking about being a role-player and storyteller, rather than freelancer. It was wonderful to let loose my old school gaming side, discussing a game I am very passionate about. I was a guest on the Chasing the Dragon podcast, having a fun time talking first edition AD&D, a little D&D 5e, and what is nostalgia in gaming. Jason Wood, the Mad Cleric, did a great job with the interview and managed to get me talking quite a bit about my freelancing and my passion for AD&D/D&D.

The episode I participated in was “Episode 6: Murder Hobos” and focused on experience in AD&D 1e and how experience systems have changed over the years in gaming. We also talked house rules, nostalgia in gaming, and differences between 1e and 5e.

So, what is this Chasing the Dragon series? I will let Jason explain in his own words from his inaugural blog post for the project.

Why play 5th Edition, when I could play 1st Edition? Why play new modules and scenarios, when I haven’t even played the oldest, most revered, and most nostalgic?

So I envisioned a project, which I’ve called Chasing the Dragon. It’s all about going back in time and recapturing the experience of the first D&D players. I’m learning the rules of 1st Edition AD&D from the ground up. And then I intend to either DM or play through every module written by Gary Gygax. And I’m going to chronicle this process here on MadCleric.com.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can expect new content.  It may be short and sweet.  It may be a full-length podcast.  It could be recordings of live-play!  The sky (and my schedule) is the limit.  So, grab your sword and put on your running shoes, because we’ve got a dragon to chase.

I currently am DMing D&D 5e with my family but will sometime soon run a one short or mini-campaign of AD&D 1e again. I enjoy both systems, and the nostalgia of AD&D tugs at me often so the books come out again and the adventures begin. Soon as I learned about the Chasing the Dragon project, I became an interested follower of The Mad Cleric‘s project and encourage you to follow along as well if you like AD&D, old school gaming, or just like to follow someone passionate about the roleplaying hobby. Coming up soon, I will be DMing Curse of Strahd for my gaming group which brings back fond memories of when I was a player in a I6: Ravenloft campaign.

Well, enough nostalgia for the moment, I have to get back to some freelance projects if I want to roleplay later.

Side Project: Chasing The Dragon Podcast

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