This Father’s Day weekend was not what I expected. What should have been a weekend of celebration was instead a time of pain and concern. I spent the majority of Saturday in the Emergency Room waiting area of Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, waiting for my mom and step-dad to be evaluated by doctors after a car accident. Their car broadsided a minivan that ran a stop sign. Thankfully, there were no life threatening injuries for the other family or mine, thanks to lifesaving air bags. My step-dad suffered some minor cuts to his face and soreness in the neck, while my mom was more seriously injured. She has cracked ribs, a cracked sternum, and a serious hematoma on the left leg. I just happened to be in Indianapolis returning from a business trip when my step-dad called to tell me. I was able to divert from my trip home to meet the ambulance at the hospital.

I share this accident publicly with you as a reminder of how precious time is with our families. Please, make it a priority to spend quality time with your children, parents, and/or extended family. Share your interests and hobbies with them. Don’t wait and think you will have time later. This accident was a jarring reminder that my parents will not always be around, nor will I always be around for my children. Cherish each moment with your family.

Personal Note – Cherish Your Family

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5 thoughts on “Personal Note – Cherish Your Family

  1. You are treasured by your family – your daughters and I love youI We’re having fun with our first family D&D adventure. 🙂

    1. This accident really puts things into a more serious and timely perspective. I cherish you and the girls so much. Looking forward to our upcoming adventures.

  2. Great post. As I am about to go to Dice Tower Con, I think about this question from time to time: How much is enough? Meaning do I spend enough time with my wife and children. When the real goal ought to be. How can I spend so much time with them that they say: “Dad, can I have some time to myself now?” That will be when I know that I have spent enough time with them.

    1. I really like your goal of spending so much time with your family that they request a break to “have some time to myself.” A very noble, and challenging, goal. Have a wonderful time at Dice Tower Con. I hope to make that event someday. Going to try again next year.

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