I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and friends as I celebrate Christmas this week and the start of the New Year the following week. During this holiday season, I take time off from work not only to celebrate but to rest and refocus. Thus, my holiday vacation impacts my freelance work.

Knight Christmas Photo 2014
Knight Christmas Photo 2014

As big as the Christmas holiday is in many countries, not everyone celebrates it. Chances are, if you work with publishers in other countries, they will celebrate different holidays than you. Even publishers within your own country may have different religious or cultural holidays. You may have many holidays in common, but do not always expect to be on the same holiday and celebration schedule as publishers.

So many wonderful holidays are celebrated around the world, each with their own special dates and traditions. Independence Day has different dates and meanings in various countries based on their histories. Thanksgiving in the US and Canada is celebrated on different days. New Year’s in the US and Chinese New Year are very different celebrations. Many countries, especially in Europe, celebrate Bank Holidays that are not celebrated in the US. These are just a few examples of the various differences in holidays globally. Even the International Date Line creates challenges as well with holidays.

How can you be Considerate around holidays?

  • Know the location of your publisher’s office and what holidays are typically celebrated in that area. Check online or ask the publisher ahead of time for their office schedule.
  • Show patience when communicating near the dates of those holidays. Do not expect quick responses around holidays.
  • For projects that are close to holidays, confirm with the publisher whether the project needs to be done before or after the holiday. If before, submit the project well before the holiday so they are not waiting on you before they can enjoy their celebration.

How can you be Productive around holidays?

  • Be upfront with the game publishers. Let them know in advance of any upcoming holidays that will impact your availability.
  • Decline freelance projects or ask for possible delayed start dates if the requested work will overlap a holiday that you know will impact your availability.
  • If you are willing to work over a holiday, be honest and let the publisher know ahead of time what your availability will be.

Help everyone to enjoy their holidays while working together.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Holidays – Being Considerate And Productive

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4 thoughts on “Holidays – Being Considerate And Productive

  1. Wonderful advice for every day of the year, for every interaction with others, and for every moment of your life (which means make the most of even relaxing – it charges your creative self).

    Merry Christmas T.R. to you and your beautiful family! =)

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