The longer I am a freelancer, the more interesting and unique opportunities arise. My most recent perk of freelancing was being asked to be a guest speaker in a Professional Writing department course on Editing. Five years ago, if you had asked me to be a guest lecturer at the University, I would have been speaking in a class on the topic of information technology, computer science, online communications, e-commerce, or security. Never would the thought have occurred that I might be asked to discuss with students professional editing and proofreading.

Now, years later with numerous projects in my portfolio, I attend a weekly “Writers’ Bloc” lunch at the University and was asked to speak in the Editing course by Linda Taylor. The students were very interested to learn how proofreading and editing works in the game industry for RPGs and board games. We discussed the importance of building relationships with publishers, the various projects I have worked on including their unique challenges, the difference between RPGs and board game projects, and opportunities for the students interested in freelancing in the game industry. It also included quite a few side discussions as words or concepts came up that some of the students didn’t know or understand including questions like these:

  • What are roleplaying games?
  • What are Euro games?
  • What are Gen Con and Essen?
  • What are game mechanics?
  • What is flavor text?
  • Any many more.

After class, a large group of students who are avid gamers stayed after for an extended discussion of games I have worked on, what has been my favorite project, what games do I play, what am I currently working on, and a long discussion on the history of faith and gaming. Quite a few students asked for my business card and would like to get together for lunch or dinner soon to continue our conversations. This might become a regular conversation regarding gaming and the game industry with students.

What opportunities has your freelancing opened up recently?

Freelancing Perk: Guest Speaker Opportunities

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