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Three separate things have coincided that really bring this topic to my mind. Diversity and Inclusivity are not simple topics nor will I cover them completely, but they really have a focus for me at this time.

First, my family recently went to the theater to see the movie Hidden Figures. For those who are unaware, Hidden Figures (based on a true story) is about a team of African-American women working at NASA on the space missions. A movie about space, NASA, science, and math?! My family was instantly interested. We loved the movie, and my daughters were so inspired to see women having such an impact on science and math. This movie merged into an ongoing conversation in our household. My twin daughters, my wife, and I have ongoing conversations about women in science and in the work force as both my daughters are preparing to head off to university this fall. As my daughters inherited their nerdiness and geekiness from their parents, we also discuss women in gaming, women’s depictions in art and literature, and female action heroes.  Adding Angie’s Multiple Sclerosis, you can see how my post from two weeks ago on accessibility and gaming also integrates into our conversations at home. We often discuss diversity and inclusivity in our lives as it impacts the future of our daughters.

Second, friends of mine just attended OrcaCon in Seattle, which is a gaming convention devoted to being inclusive. I have been seeing their pictures and reading about their adventures at the convention. I have also seen a lot of posts from game community friends on my social feeds about OrcaCon. This has spawned some conversations online about diversity and inclusivity at conventions. My family will be attending Gen Con again this year, and as the dates approach, we will be discussing our daughters’ involvement at the event. They have had mostly positive experiences, but have seen some of the more challenging aspects also as young women.

Third, I am in full swing of my preparations to teach my Writing & Editing for Gaming course.  As I have sought guest speakers, I have been deliberately seeking out diverse speakers to share with my students, so they hear differing voices about the game industry. We will be having multiple course discussion specifically on the topic of Diversity and Inclusivity in games, the gaming community, and the gaming industry. I

As I continue preparations for my course and conversations with my daughters, I thought I would share with you some website and articles I have found appropriate, often challenging, on the topic of Diversity, Inclusivity, and Gaming. Many of these have spawned wonderful conversations at our dinner table, and I encourage you to discuss then with your family. If you have recommendations for this topic, please share them in the comments. This is a conversation that needs more voices, open minds, and loving hearts.

Bechdel Test

We are an organization dedicated to increasing diverse representation in tabletop gaming by running events led entirely by marginalized people, and enjoyed by everyone. We run our own conventions online, and attend popular conventions around the United States, bringing games, seminars, workshops, and panels using our innovative convention-within-a-convention format. We aim to provide open, inclusive, and safe environments that diversify what a leader looks like within our hobby.

Inclusive Art Direction

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Extra Credits – Diversity (Video Games but still appropriate to tabletop games)

Diversity & the Tabletop Roleplaying Community

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Gaming

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